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Opic in Action

Aligning different financial instruments toward a common goal is the key to catalyzing more capital for development, and OPIC is excited to continue its innovation to increase connectivity between investors of all asset classes and project sponsors seeking capital.

Every day, OPIC receives proposals for development projects with great potential. But there’s a recurring theme as to why some don’t get off the ground. They often need not only the leverage and risk mitigation that OPIC can provide, but also additional capital, grant resources, or technical assistance to reach a financially viable scale.

To address this need in February 2015, OPIC introduced its Aligned Capital pilot program, which seeks to match potential investors with innovative entrepreneurs seeking financing for projects, fully bridging the well-recognized gap between them.  This pilot program is available for investors who care to participate and will showcase OPIC’s potential deal spectrum of developmental, impact sector and impact intent projects.

The Aligned Capital program will accept project profile submissions from developers who have applied to OPIC and profile submissions from investors who may be interested in what OPIC applicants are developing.  The database will correlate developer and investor preferences by sector, geography and financial instrument, and alert participating investors to opportunities that match their criteria. Investor profiles are not detailed until users elect to contact a project sponsor.
If you are an investor interested in setting up an investor profile and reviewing matching project profiles, please register here.