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Energy and Infrastructure


Oil and gas in Colombia:

Joshi Technologies Inc., a small business based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, used OPIC financing to extend the life of an oil field in Colombia. By using its innovative drilling technology, Joshi was able to 4,000 barrels of oil per day from a field that had been considered past its prime. Read more

Dramatically increasing Senegal’s power supply:

OPIC financing and political risk insurance is supporting construction of a wind power plant and a thermal plant in Senegal, which combined are expected to increase the country’s power generating capacity by more than 35 percent. Read more​​​​​​​
Thermal power plant in Togo:

OPIC financing and political risk insurance supported the construction of a 100 MW power plant that has tripled Togo’s energy generation capacity, reduced rolling blackouts, and diversified the country’s fuel sources. Read more

Award winning power plant in Jordan:

OPIC provided financing to construct and operate Jordan’s first independent power plant. The award-winning, natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant increased the country’s generating capacity by roughly 20 percent. Read more



Clean water in Algeria:

OPIC provided financing to support the construction of a reverse-osmosis water desalination facility to deliver 200,000 cubic meters of potable water to the city of Algiers each day. Read more

Gas turbine power plant in Ghana:

Amandi Energy Limited is using OPIC financing to construct a 200 MW combined cycle gas turbine power plant, assisting Ghana in reaching its goal of doubling its power generating capacity to 5,000 MW. Read more