Renewable Resources

Geothermal in Kenya:

A $310 million OPIC loan helped support the expansion and double the capacity of a geothermal plant. Read more

Solar power in Chile:

OPIC financing is supporting construction of five solar plants in Chile’s Atacama Desert. They will have a combined capacity of 4,312 megawatts and one will be the largest photovoltaic plant in Latin America. Read more

Wind power in Jamaica:

OPIC financing is supporting construction of a 34-megawatt wind farm that will be the largest private-sector wind farm in the country, and will help Jamaica reduce its dependence on imported fossil fuels. Read more

Off-grid solutions in rural India:

A $3 million OPIC loan is helping a small business introduce home solar kits in rural India where some 400,000 people lack access to power. Read more

Early stage project support:

The Africa Clean Energy Finance (ACEF) program provides project preparation support to help early stage renewable energy projects get off the ground. ACEF, a collaboration with OPIC c, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency and the U.S. State Department, has supported more than 30 utility-scale and off-grid renewable energy projects in Africa. Read more

Clean water in Algeria:

OPIC provided $200 million in financing to support construction of a reverse-osmosis water desalination facility to deliver 200,000 cubic meters of potable water to the city of Algiers each day. Read more

Support for small farmers in sub-Saharan Africa:

OPIC financing is supporting microfinance lending to small farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, helping them buy equipment such as irrigation systems that will enable them to grow more food. Read more