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The Environment

Wind turbines in the middle of a yellow flower field on a sunny day

The Office of Investment Policy (OIP) ensures that OPIC-supported projects meet Congressionally-mandated requirements regarding protection of the environment, social impacts, health, and safety. The guidelines and procedures, listed in the Procedures Manual, are based in large part on environmental and social impact assessment procedures applied by organizations such as the World Bank Group, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Inter-American Development Bank and the U.S. Export Import Bank, among others.

OPIC's environmental and social policies and procedures are described in the OPIC Environmental and Social Policy Statement. The policy statement is intended to provide guidance to OPIC’s investors, as well as the interested public, with respect to the environmental and social standards, assessment, and monitoring procedures that OPIC applies to prospective and ongoing investment projects.  Projects whose applications were signed prior to August 26, 2010 are subject to the OPIC Environmental Handbook  which was published in February 2004.  OPIC is in the process of revising its ESPS; more information can be found here

OIP reviews all potential OPIC-supported projects. For details on the screening and review process, view Section 2 (“Screening and Categorization”) and Section 3 (“Environmental and Social Review”) of the OPIC Environmental and Social Policy Statement.

Projects that are likely to have significant adverse environmental or social impacts that are sensitive, diverse, or unprecedented in the absence of mitigation measures are disclosed to the public for a comment period of 60 days. Click here to view the sensitive projects that are currently under consideration for OPIC support.