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doing business with us
OPIC Main Address and Phone Number

1100 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20527
(202) 336-8400

The OPIC Operator is available to take your calls during regular business hours.


The OPIC InfoLine

OPIC maintains an automated system to provide callers with general information on OPIC’s insurance and financing programs 24 hours a day. Using the OPIC InfoLine, callers with a touch tone phone may listen to brief recorded program descriptions, request that printed program information be sent to them via mail or fax or, from 8:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Eastern Time, speak with an OPIC Information Officer.

(202) 336-8799

Contacting OPIC by Fax

Please be sure to specify an OPIC officer and/or department on the cover sheet so the fax may be properly routed.

(202) 336-7949

Insurance Toll-free Number

For inquiries about OPIC political risk insurance, call:
(877) 654-3611

Press Office
(202) 357-3976
(202) 336-8460

Claims Information

OPIC's Department of Legal Affairs maintains public information files relating to the determination of claims filed under OPIC's political risk insurance contracts and a list of all claims resolved by cash settlements or guaranties. To obtain access to or copies of these records, call (202) 336-8400 and ask to be connected with the Claims Assistant in Legal Affairs, or send written requests to the Claims Assistant, Department of Legal Affairs at our mailing address. 

Materials Concerning OPIC's Board of Directors

The Corporate Secretary maintains public information files containing the minutes of the public portions of Board of Directors meetings, as well as publicly-releasable Board resolutions. To obtain access to or copies of these records, call (202) 336-8400 and ask to be connected with the Corporate Secretary, or send a written request to our mailing address.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Comments, questions or requests for EIAs concerning specific projects should be directed to the Environment Unit via email at, or send a written correspondence to the Environment Unit, Office of Investment Policy at our mailing address. 

Privacy Policy

Questions regarding OPIC’s privacy policy or Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) may be emailed to or send a written correspondence to our mailing address.

Anti-Corruption HOTLINE

Call the HOTLINE to receive guidance on anti-corruption practices and to report allegations of corruption and fraud in connection with OPIC supported projects.

Anti-Corruption HOTLINE: 1-800-230-6539 or 202-712-1023

EEO Office

For information concerning EEO complaints and related information, call (202) 336-8400 and ask to be connected to the EEO Office, or send written requests to the EEO Director at our mailing address.

Whistleblower Retaliation

For information on filing a whistleblower retaliation complaint, contact the Office of Special Counsel