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Additional Notices:

U.S. Transaction Counsel Services Call for Submissions (“CFS”)

The Department of Legal Affairs of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation invites submissions from law firms interested in serving on a panel that:

  • Have superior qualifications and expertise in providing advice under the laws of New York in complex cross-border financial transactions including finance, investment funds and political risk insurance transactions;
  • Have significant expertise in transactions with parties located in countries where OPIC provides financing and insurance (“Eligible Countries”); and
  • Are prepared to represent and provide legal services to OPIC from time to time as outlined in this CFS and on a Borrower Pay Basis.  “Borrower Pay Basis” means that the legal fees and expenses of OPIC for a transaction will be borne solely by the borrower or sponsor (or another third party) and not by OPIC.  All transactions covered by this CFS will be on a Borrower Pay Basis.  OPIC shall have no obligation or liability to make any payments to Firms retained in connection with this CFS.  

The following schedule reflects the expected completion dates:

   Issue Call for Submissions

   October 28, 2016

   Deadline for Submitting Questions

   November 7, 2016

   Submissions Due Date

   November 14, 2016

   Selection Date

   December 16, 2016

   Firm Acknowledgement Date

   December 22, 2016

   Implementation Date

   January 1, 2017


Additional Information regarding Call for Submissions for US Transaction Counsel, based on questions received can be found here

For more information and instructions, review the Call for Submissions guidelines. Submissions are due Monday, November 14, 2016. All communications regarding this CFS should be directed to