Summer 2012

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Focus on: Impact Investing and Microfinance

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OPIC In Action

Some 190 small business owners from 4 countries and 16 states attended OPIC's June 27 Expanding Horizons workshop for small businesses in New York City. Read more

The share of OPIC committed projects that were with U.S. small businesses has grown dramatically in recent years.Read more

OPIC is living proof that private investment for the public good can work and does work." -- Elizabeth Littlefield¸ OPIC President and CEO

Upcoming Events

Aug. 3 OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth Littlefield will deliver remarks at the Brookings Blum Roundtable on Global Poverty in Aspen¸ Colorado.

Sept. 13 Meeting of OPIC's Board of Directors

Sept. 17 Nancy Rivera¸ OPIC Managing Director¸ Structured Finance¸ will speak at the MENA Solar Power Forum in Abu Dhabi.

Oct. 3 OPIC will hold the latest in a series of Expanding Horizons workshops in Seattle. The event is for small businesses interested in expanding into emerging markets abroad.

OPIC In The News

The Chicago Tribune: G8 steps up plans to aid Arab Spring economies

Wall Street Journal blog: U.S. committing to Africa

The Atlantic: The itty-bitty multinational

The Atlantic: How financial innovation can save the world

The Huffington Post: Impact Investing + Policy = Collaboration needed

Recent Activity

OPIC partners with Marriott to develop sustainable hotels Deal is expected to jump start sustainable hotel development in emerging markets where water and energy resources may be limited. Read more

OPIC approves up to $100 million for real estate investment fund in Sub-Saharan Africa The region is one of the fastest-urbanizing areas in the world¸ but suffers from significant underinvestment in office space. Read more

OPIC approves $75 million for first mezzanine investment fundThe Accession Mezzanine Capital III L.P. fund will invest in small and medium enterprises primarily in Bulgaria¸ Czech Republic¸ Poland¸ Romania and Ukraine. Read more

OPIC approves $175 million for two renewable energy investment funds Funds will help introduce the latest renewable energy technologies to emerging markets in Latin America¸ Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Read more

OPIC approves $185 million for two solar power projects in Peru Plants will produce nearly 100 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually ? a significant step forward in the renewable energy sector for a country facing one of the lowest rural electrification rates in Latin America. Read more

OPIC approves $72 million for Internet expansion project in East Africa Loan will support expanded internet services in Kenya and satellite television services to Burundi¸ Malawi¸ Rwanda¸ Somalia¸ South Sudan¸ and Zambia. Read more

Focus on: Impact Investing and Microfinance

◊ Six questions about impact investing

Investors are increasingly talking about ?Impact Investing¸? but the practice is not new to OPIC¸ which has a 40-year history of transforming private capital into solutions for common social and environmental challenges around the world. Here OPIC explains the concept of Impact Investing¸ and why it offers the potential for such strong financial returns. Read more 

◊ Putting the "impact" in investing

The recent Global Philanthropy Forum in Washington D.C. drew hundreds of participants from the worlds of finance and philanthropy. It featured a special address from OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth Littlefield and generated considerable discussion about the roles of the private and public sectors in achieving positive social change and financial return. Read more 

◊ Extending the reach of microfinance

At a time when the developing world continues to face a host of challenges such as access to credit and access to health care that are often best met by the targeted delivery of small amounts of capital¸ OPIC is focusing on the ways it can most effectively and efficiently advance access to finance in the regions and sectors that have the greatest need. Read more 

OPIC's Annual Report

OPIC's annual report for fiscal year 2011 is now available online. The report takes a look back over the agency's first 40 years and highlights the many accomplishments that made 2011 "a pivotal year for foreign affairs and a banner year for the U.S. Government's Development Finance Institution." Read more

Working Toward Sustainable Development

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth Littlefield after the announcement of the U.S.-Africa Clean Energy Finance Initiative in Rio de Janeiro¸ Brazil during the Rio+20 Conference on June 22.Read more