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Eastern Europe

Izmir Bayrakli and Kocaeli Integrated Health Campuses: Moderninzing healthcare in Turkey

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Country Turkey

Sector Healthcare

Challenge Despite significant progress, including reductions in maternal and infant mortality, Turkey requires additional investment to improve its healthcare system. The country has the lowest number of beds per resident of any European Union member or candidate country and many hospitals in the country are in need of modernization.

Solution The Government of Turkey is addressing these challenges through a public-private partnership program that will invest more than $10 billion in a series of new hospital campuses while redeveloping existing hospitals.

OPIC approved a combined $470 million in financing to support the construction of two health campuses, in the cities of Izmir and Kocaeli, which were unable to obtain sufficient private financing to make the projects economically feasible.

Each campus will include a physical therapy and rehabilitation hospital, a forensic psychiatric hospital, and a general hospital encompassing cardiovascular, oncology and women’s and children’s units. GE will be an equity investor and a key supplier of equipment and long-term operational support for the two campuses.

Impact The two campuses will collectively add more than 3,200 hospital beds and introduce more modern medical technology such as intraoperative MRI and radio-therapy, robotic surgery devices and nuclear medicine.

This project was profiled in 2018