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Eastern Europe

Supporting the Dairy Industry in Georgia

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Country: Georgia
Sector: Agribusiness, Dairy
Challenge: In Georgia, limited financing opportunities made it difficult for the country’s dairy industry to expand production. In addition, dairy products were frequently sold to the market untested and contaminated.

Solution: In 2009, Sante GMT, the largest dairy and juice production facility in Georgia, was approved for a $10 million loan from OPIC to help the business expand business operations and increase production.

Impact: In a few years, Sante GMT expanded its business to include improved milk collection and better distribution infrastructure in Georgia. As a result, Sante GMT is increasing the standard quality of milk and other dairy products sold in the market in Georgia - making it safer for consumers.

The project also established 20 new milk collection centers throughout rural Georgia. These collection centers are improving the livelihoods of thousands of rural farmers who assist with the company’s procurement of local fresh milk.

With the introduction of new production processes, consumers are also benefiting from new products that Sante GMT offers such as fresh milk and yogurt in PET bottles, organic dairy products as well as products that previously had to be imported, such as butter..

Through OPIC’s financial assistance, Sante GMT became the first producer of branded cheese in Georgia and is now an established brand name, holding the largest market shares in dairy products.

This project was profiled in 2013