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Middle East & North Africa

Disi Water: Transporting clean drinking water to Jordan

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Country: Jordan
Sector: Infrastructure

Challenge: Jordan is one of the most water-deprived countries in the world but there is a high cost and time commitment associated with building the infrastructure to transport clean water When OPIC committed to this pipeline project in 2008, water was in such short supply that the typical household in Jordan had a reliable water supply only one day a week.

Solution: OPIC provided financing and political risk insurance to support construction of the 202-mile Disi Water Co. PSC pipeline running from an aquifier in southern Jordan to Amman. The complex project involved construction of the pipeline as well as building two reservoirs outside of Amman and drilling 55 wells along the route.

Impact: After years of construction, a pipeline was inaugurated in 2014, providing clean drinking water to the people of Amman. The Disi Water pipeline has the capacity to transport 100 million cubic meters of potable water a year.

For more information on this project see Making a difference in the desert: An OPIC success story

This project was profiled in 2014