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Sub-Saharan Africa

Belstar Corp.: Modernizing Ghana's Water System

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Site: Ghana
Sector: Infrastructure

Challenge: Shortage of clean water and sanitation systems in Ghana is associated with multiple health problems as well as 20,000 deaths per year. The health costs correlated with poor water and sanitation also impose a steep financial cost.

Solution: Belstar Corp., a Florida company, and Deutsche Bank Trust Co., have been retained by the government of Ghana to implement a project to rehabilitate 38 existing municipal water purification systems. The companies purchased $150 million in political risk insurance to protect their investment in the event of nonpayment of an arbitral award as well as currency inconvertibility.

Impact: The Ghana National Water Infrastructure Modernization project is expected to increase the availability of clean water from 61% to 85% by 2015 and increase the efficiency of the country‚Äôs water treatment plants from 77% utilization to 100%.

This project was profiled in 2012