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Sub-Saharan Africa

Supporting home ownership for thousands: Ghana Home Loans

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Country: Ghana

Sector: Financial Services

Challenge: Limited access to financial services in Ghana made it challenging for low and middle income families to purchase homes. The problem was complicated by cumbersome property registration rules that often took years.

Solution: OPIC committed $60 million in financing to Ghana Home Loans to support expanded mortgage lending to low and middle income borrowers in and around Accra and Kumasi. OPIC also advocated on behalf of the borrower to help reform existing property registration rules, which were cumbersome and time consuming.

Impact: The project has supported close to 2,000 mortgage loans and OPIC’s efforts contributed to the creation of a new law that established a registry where mortgages and all collateral can be registered within 24 hours. As a result, Ghana Home Loans is able to more effectively and efficiently provide mortgage financing.


This project was profiled in 2018