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OPIC in Action

One of OPIC's new initiatives prioritizes the Northern Triangle, a region including El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. OPIC's Northern Triangle Initiative is part of the Agency's broader goals to foster economic growth and stability in regions that are critical to U.S. foreign policy.

Over the next two years, OPIC aims to catalyze $1 billion in private sector investments, which are expected to result in 10,000 new jobs for the region. These investments will foster economic growth and bolster much needed security and stability to the region.

OPIC has committed to a range of projects from energy to agricultural sectors to small business lending and affordable housing.

By the numbers

  • Current Portfolio: $659 million, spanning 20 projects
  • $295.6 million in 2017, almost doubling the portfolio in a single year


Solar Power in El Salvador

OPIC committed up to $49.5 million in financing to support the construction of ten power plants that will collectively add 100 MW of power to help the country meet growing demand and reduce its dependence on imported fuel. Learn more



Hardware stores in Guatemala

OPIC committed a $10 million loan to support the expansion of a hardware and home goods retailer. The loan enabled the borrower to open an 80,000 square foot flagship store in Xela, the second largest city in Guatemala, remodel another store, and hire 200 workers in jobs that provide strong wages and bonuses, benefits, training, and significant opportunities for advancement. Learn more


Geothermal power in Honduras

OPIC committed up to $135 million for the construction of a 35 MW geothermal power plant that will supply power to western Honduras, a region where limited electricity supply frequently results in blackouts. Learn more