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Renewable Resources

“Our planet is home to more than seven billion people who all need electricity to live and work. We must make the most of our renewable resources and seek more efficient ways to energize the world.”
–OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth Littlefield

OPIC is committed to supporting projects that advance a sustainable, lower-carbon economy, greater resource efficiency and a cleaner and more secure energy supply. The Agency has a growing portfolio of renewable energy and renewable resources in projects from wind and solar power to clean water and sustainable agriculture.

More than 1.3 billion people – nearly one-fifth of the world’s population – have no access to electricity. And demand for electricity continues to grow as more of the world’s people live urban, middle class lifestyles.

In recent years OPIC’s commitments to renewable resources have steadily grown.

The new projects OPIC supported in 2014 are expected to:
  • add 1,028 megawatts of renewable energy
  • avoid 1.9 million tons in CO2 emissions
    (the equivalent of removing 400,000 passenger vehicles from the road.
Recent news in renewable resources:

Elizabeth Littlefield on Earth Day: Past, Present and Future
“Over the past year we have witnessed an unprecedented flow of industry and think tank data and research showing the increasing feasibility and attractiveness of renewable energy in developing nations, where most of the world’s population lives,” OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth Littlefield wrote in this piece in Institutional Investor on Earth Day at 45. “Four and a half decades after Earth Day’s inception, green investment is going places. Read more

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