OPIC In Action

At least 90 developing countries have in recent years committed to generating more of their electricity from renewable energy and OPIC is a leader in supporting them.

The year 2015 marked the fifth straight year that OPIC committed more than $1 billion to renewable energy projects built to generate power from the sun, the wind, geothermal steam and biomass.

In addition to supporting development of large renewable energy power plants, OPIC supports projects that deliver off-grid power to populations that are rural or unable to obtain reliable and affordable grid power. 


Since 2010, OPIC has

  • Committed more than $1 billion a year to renewable energy projects
  • Supported more than 85 renewable energy projects across the developing world, from geothermal power in Kenya to off-grid solar in India and wind power in Jamaica
  • Supported projects that will avoid 6.8 million tons in CO2 emissions (the equivalent of removing 1.4 million passenger vehicles from the road)


Clean water, sustainable forestry and more

OPIC is also committed to supporting a range of projects in sectors such as clean water and sustainable agriculture that advance a sustainable, lower-carbon economy, greater resource efficiency and a cleaner and more secure energy supply. Over the past ten years, OPIC has grown its agribusiness portfolio 10-fold.