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OPIC in Action

OPIC’s support for Impact Investing around the World

Preventing blindness in Cameroon

An OPIC loan is supporting a hospital in Cameroon that seeks to provide affordable cataract surgery to 18,000 people, addressing one of the leading causes of preventable blindness. OPIC’s loan is structured as a development impact loan that links the social and the financial performance of the project so that OPIC achieves a higher return when the hospital reaches more patients. Learn more

Empowering small farmers in Indonesia

OPIC provided a loan to Big Tree Farms of Portland, Oregon, a small agribusiness that is introducing sustainable farming practices in Indonesia and working with local coconut growers to produce coconut food products and sweeteners. Learn more

Improving sanitation in Kenya

OPIC provided a loan to Sanergy, a startup that is introducing portable toilets in the slums of Kenya, where inadequate sewage service is a major health hazard. Sanergy’s toilets capture waste in cartridges, and uses the waste to produce fertilizer and animal feed. Learn more

Supporting small entrepreneurs in Latin America

OPIC financing is helping Global Partnerships support small businesses and entrepreneurs in Latin America by partnering with microfinance institutions that combine financial support with non-financial services such a education, training and healthcare. Learn more

​​​​​​​Helping thousands of families worldwide obtain decent homes

OPIC financing to Habitat for Humanity’s Microbuild fund has supported microfinance lending to for home purchases and home improvement in more than 50 countries in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Learn more