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Outreach Events for American small businesses

Upcoming Expanding Horizons conferences will be held in Portland, OR on May 4 and New York City on June 16. In the fall, OPIC will host additional conferences in Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, OH; and Oakland, CA.


     Cambridge, Mass. startup QuantumID developed
     cloud-based cargo tracking technology to help make air
     cargo transport more efficient, and is one of the many
     American small businesses that used OPIC financing to
     expand into the global marketplace.

American small businesses have much to gain from engaging in the global economy and OPIC is committed to supporting them in emerging markets around the world.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

As more U.S. small businesses participate in the global marketplace, they face new questions and challenges.  Lack of knowledge about government programs available to support overseas investment, limited access to private sector-capital to pursue opportunities abroad, or concern over political risks in emerging markets can prevent small business from expanding overseas.

The Expanding Horizons workshop is OPIC’s premier outreach event. It seeks to address these concerns and explain the programs and resources provided by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the U.S. government agency responsible for supporting private-sector investment in developing countries. This is a unique opportunity to learn about:

  • How expanding overseas can benefit your business at home

  • U.S. government programs offering assistance to small and medium sized enterprises planning to compete in the global marketplace

  • Political risk insurance and how it can protect your U.S.-based business

  • Accessing capital for your overseas project

  • OPIC’s special finance products for American small businesses


    This Maryland-based small business has used
     OPIC political risk insurance to help ensure its
     equipment sales in multiple and post-conflict ​​​​​​​
     countries go smoothly.

OPIC is the primary federal agency helping small businesses gain footholds in emerging markets through investment. Businesses attending the seminars and workshops will learn the details of OPIC's financing and political risk insurance. In addition to the excellent networking opportunities, participants have an opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with OPIC staff and other government officials.

Speakers include senior government officials from OPIC, as well as from the Small Business Administration, the Export-Import Bank of the U.S., the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and other agencies and representatives from businesses investing overseas who will share their insights and experiences.

​​​​​​​Learn more about OPIC's upcoming workshops and seminars.

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    From university research lab to the global market. With
    a $4 million OPIC loan, Envirofit International of Fort
    Collins, Colorado was able to introduce clean cookstoves
    into places like Honduras, India, ​​​​and Kenya.

For questions or more information, please contact:
Dr. Lawrence Spinelli
Director of Outreach and Public Affairs
Office of External Affairs
(202) 336-8690