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Thank you for your interest in OPIC financing. OPIC strongly recommends that potential finance applicants contact the OPIC Finance Division at applyfin@opic.gov to discuss their project proposal prior to beginning the application process.

To begin the application process, please go to OPIC’s Forms Dashboard, create an account, and complete and submit OPIC Form 115 – Application for Financing.

See instructions for creating an account and and initiating the Application for Financing.

Supporting Documentation

In addition to the Form 115 itself, OPIC requires certain supporting documentation that will enable OPIC to evaluate and respond regarding the amount and basic terms of the requested financing. Please click here to view and print a list of the minimum required supporting documentation.

The Origination Process

OPIC realizes that having an understanding of the process by which OPIC transactions are evaluated, approved, documented and funded is important to applicants as they develop a project schedule.  OPIC processes transactions as quickly as the applicant and OPIC, working together, are able to complete the necessary procedures and documentation.

The duration of the origination process varies depending on a number of factors (many of which are within the control of the applicant/sponsor), including how quickly relevant project information and documentation are provided to OPIC, the complexity of the transaction, the length of the negotiations, the nature of the security documentation, and the responsiveness of legal counsel. Click here for a detailed explanation of the steps in the origination process.

If you would like to begin the application process for the Innovative Financial Intermediaries Program (IFIP), please visit the IFIP webpage.