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Private Equity Funds, Investment Funds, Private Investment Funds, Inconvertability, Helios, ECP, Emerging Market Private Equity, OPIC, Overseas Private Investment CorporationIn response to the shortfall of private equity capital in developing countries, OPIC provides support for the creation of privately-owned and managed investment funds. OPIC is one of the largest private equity fund sponsors in developing nations and the agency is typically one of the first fund sponsors to enter an unproven market. These funds make direct equity and equity-related investments in new, expanding or privatizing emerging market companies. OPIC-supported funds help emerging economies access long-term growth capital, management skills, and financial expertise, all of which are key factors in expanding economic development and creating new opportunities for people in low-income and developing nations.

OPIC has committed $4.1 billion to 62 private equity funds in emerging markets since 1987. These funds in turn have invested $5.6 billion in more than 570 privately-owned and managed companies across 65 countries. Through our commitments, we catalyze U.S. foreign direct investment and accelerate the economic and social development within these markets.


​​​​​​​“Helios would not be standing here today without OPIC. They gave us our first break in 2004 and now we manage more than $2 billion, investing in all sorts of projects across Africa.”

          - Henry Obi, Chief Operating Officer, Helios Investment Partners LLP

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