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Call Objectives: OPIC seeks to select profitable funds with positive developmental impact through a competitive and transparent process. Selected funds will target unlisted investments in OPIC-eligible countries that support growth, expansion, business development, spin-outs, management buyouts, restructuring, and/or privatizations. The Call for Proposals is open to managers from all regions and strategies.

Application:  OPIC accepts proposals on a quarterly basis and evaluates applications in cohorts with the assistance of one or more external private equity investment advisors for consideration by OPIC’s Board of Directors. Applications are accepted throughout the year, and OPIC will begin processing applications on an ongoing basis. OPIC encourages fund managers to submit proposals throughout the year and to avoid submitting just prior to the end of a quarter. 

Evaluation:   OPIC reserves the right to defer consideration of an applicant until the manager can be considered in an appropriate competitive cohort with other applicants that are, or are expected to be, in the market, or for any other reason.  Applications submitted just prior to the close of the application period may be subject to deferred consideration on the basis of resource constraints.  OPIC has sole discretion to respond to multiple agency objectives in making its selection, including policy priorities, market needs, and the ongoing construction of a balanced and diversified portfolio.  OPIC reserves the right not to select any of the proposals from each cohort or to suggest that proposals be supplemented or combined with other proposals without reinitiating the selection process.  The issuance of the Call for Proposals does not obligate OPIC to provide support to any proposal or any selected fund.


Call Cohort 12:


Cohort 13 Application Dates


Application Period Opens
Application Period Closes



October 1, 2019 at 12:00 PM EST
December 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST



Geographic Focus

Eligible Fund Strategies

Latin America
Central & Eastern Europe
Middle East
Global Emerging Markets


Direct Equity
Convertible and Mezzanine Debt
Credit Funds
Venture Capital 
Real Estate



Confidentiality:  OPIC will maintain all business confidential information as confidential as required and permitted by federal law.  However, OPIC will not treat as confidential or proprietary general ideas and concepts contained within any proposal.  You may upload documents to your User Account (see Submitting a Proposal) for submission of proposals at any time up to 11:59 PM EST on the date the Application Period closes.  A proposal may not be edited or supplemented once it is submitted.

Liability:  OPIC will not be liable for any costs incurred in connection with the submission of a proposal, nor any other liability incurred in connection with a submission.