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Call for Proposals ("Call")

Call Objectives: OPIC and IDB Invest seek to select managers of profitable funds that are supporting women in Latin America and the Caribbean through a competitive and transparent process. Investment strategies of selected funds will target private investments in IDB-eligible and OPIC-eligible countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that support women’s economic empowerment. Funds must have a minimum total size of $100 million. The Call is open to managers in the region for all investment strategies that meet the criteria below. 

The Fund strategy includes a gender lens and must meet at least one of the four criteria below to be considered (percentages below are threshold minimums):

1. Entrepreneurship
  • Share of women ownership: 50%
  • Business founded by a woman
2. Leadership
  • Share of women in senior management: 30%
  • Share of women on the Board or Investment Committee: 30%
3. Employment
  • Share of women on the workforce: 40%
  • One additional legal gender-related policy or program quality indicator                   
4. Consumption
  • Product or service which specifically benefits women       


Application: Applications for this Call will be accepted from October 15, 2018 to May 1, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST, and OPIC and IDB Invest will begin processing applications on an ongoing basis. OPIC and IDB Invest encourage fund managers to submit proposals as soon as possible and to avoid submitting just prior to the end of the Call open period.

Evaluation:   OPIC and IDB Invest will evaluate proposals based on a number of criteria, including:

  • Management/organization
  • Competitiveness of fund strategy
  • Track record/performance
  • Fund terms & conditions
  • Fundraising ability

The issuance of the Call for Proposals does not obligate OPIC or IDB Invest to provide support to any proposal or any selected fund(s). Subject to required approvals, OPIC and IDB Invest would be lenders to the selected funds, and together can provide up to 30% of a fund’s total capital.

Learn more about submitting a proposal.

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NOTE: ANY SUBMISSION TO THIS CALL FOR PROPOSALS WILL BE SHARED BY OPIC WITH IBD INVEST. BY SUBMITTING YOUR PROPOSAL, YOU CONSENT TO AND ACKNOWLEDGE THIS DISCLOSURE. Neither OPIC nor IDB Invest will be liable for any costs incurred in connection with the submission of a proposal, nor any other liability incurred in connection with a submission.