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​​​​​​​1. Set up a user account
Complete the information requested in the User Account form and select the “Submit” button to transmit that information to OPIC. Please open a User Account as soon as possible if you intend to submit a proposal.  Both creation of the User Account and the subsequent submission steps outlined below can occur at any point.
2. Submit your proposal online 
Once you have set up a User Account, log in and select the Investment Funds Questionnaire (Form 256). Through your User Account, you may view your application and upload related documents at any time until you click the “Submit” button. Click the “Add Document” button in order to upload a document. Once you are ready to send your completed proposal to OPIC, click “I certify that this proposal is complete” and click the “Submit” button. Once you click “Submit”, your proposal will be sent to OPIC and will no longer be available for editing.  You will not be able to submit any more documents and you begin a quiet period until the Evaluation Committee has decided whether or not to initiate diligence on the application

Please ensure that your proposal is complete before you click “Submit”.