political risk insurance

Unparalleled expertise in supporting projects across a variety of sectors and in the riskiest environments.

Claims record:

Unmatched claims handling history designed to protect the investor and preserve the project. OPIC has paid nearly 300 claims for a total of almost $1 billion.


Ability to cover up to $250 million per project for up to 20 years. Premium rates are guaranteed for the life of the contract.

Financial strength:

OPIC is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

Innovative products:

OPIC is a pioneer in the field, creating new insurance products to meet investors’ evolving needs.


OPIC works with investors to customize coverage to meet the investors’ specific needs.


OPIC offers an array of discounts for small businesses and investors operating in multiple countries.


OPIC insurance can also help investors obtain financing at lower borrowing costs.

Man in Rwanda

Project Profile: Persistence and a long-term commitment make a difference in Rwanda
"You can't move 15 million tea bushes. That’s where they are, so that’s where we are,” said Joseph Wertheim, summing up why his Westport, Connecticut-based company, Tea Importers, Inc., has remained a driving force in Rwanda’s tea business since 1975, despite a devastating five-year civil war in the early 1990s.

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