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Political Risk Insurance

Thank you for your interest in OPIC political risk insurance. To register for OPIC Political Risk Insurance, please go to OPIC’s Forms Dashboard, create an account, and complete and submit OPIC Form 50 – Request for Registration for Political Risk Insurance.

See instructions for creating an account and completing application

Investors are required to register projects with OPIC (using OPIC Form 50) before the investment has been made or irrevocably committed. Registration is free of charge and, to the extent permitted by law, treated as confidential commercial information. A registration is valid for two years and may be renewed in one-year increments. Registration of a project is non-binding, and in no way constitutes a commitment to issue insurance.

An investor must then submit a Form 52 – Application for Political Risk Insurance. The application provides OPIC with detailed information necessary to determine a project’s eligibility and underwriting risks. OPIC may charge a retainer fee after the submission of an application in order to proceed with review of the project. 

OPIC strongly recommends that potential insurance applicants contact the OPIC Insurance Office at 877-654-3611 or email to discuss their project proposal prior to beginning the application process.