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Our Investment Policies

​​​​​​​For each potential OPIC-supported project, OIP assesses the projected U.S. economic impact to ensure it will not harm U.S. jobs or the U.S. economy. The U.S. economic assessment includes potential positive effects on U.S. employment resulting from project-specific procurement of U.S. goods and the expected procurement of U.S. goods and services from the project.

OIP will decline the support for any project that would result in the loss of U.S. jobs. Specifically, OPIC will not support a project that intends to reduce or eliminate U.S. operations by moving production overseas.

Other projects may require OIP to conduct an in-depth U.S. industry analysis to determine whether the sector is sensitive from a U.S. economic perspective, typically measured by declines in U.S. production, exports, imports, and employment. OPIC will decline to support a project that has the potential to cause further harm to a sensitive U.S. sector. Finally, OIP ensures that OPIC-supported projects are not subject to trade-related performance requirements, such as local content requirements, that would potentially have a significant negative impact on U.S. trade.