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The OA Director has initiated an update of its procedures for processing problem-solving and compliance review requests.  The OA’s current procedures were developed in 2005, prior to the accumulation of any operating experience.  The starting point for the update is Office of Accountability’s existing Administrative Order (AO), which is a statement of internal operating procedures that were established under the OA’s first Director. The AO serves as the basis for descriptions of the OA’s services  for external audiences.

The major components of the update process and their projected timing are as follows:
  • FY 12 and FY13 -- Background research (e.g. comparison with operating practices of counterpart accountability mechanisms in other international finance institutions).
  • FY 12 and FY13 – Structured discussions with a range of relevant stakeholder groups.
  • FY 13 -- Public consultations on a draft update of the AO.
  • FY14 -- Finalization of the updated procedures, and corresponding adaptation of the OA website and other outreach channels for external audiences.
The scope of the procedures to be considered for potential updating will take account of the following set of informational inputs to date:
  • Lessons from the OA’s experience with its cases to date.
  • Feedback received from an experts workshop convened on February 28, 2012, a follow up discussion on June 5, 2012, and meetings with stakeholders at the UN Rio+20 Summit held in June, 2012.
  • A telephone survey of individuals involved in past OA cases conducted during the spring, 2012.
  • A comparison of the OA’s operating procedures with those of the other accountability mechanisms conducted during fall, 2012.
  • Informal consultations with other accountability mechanisms at the 2012 annual meeting of the mechanisms.
  • Internal discussions with OPIC staff and management throughout 2012.
Further information on the procedures update process (including public consultations) will be forthcoming on this webpage.